Twins ready for Spring Training

With the recent catch of Third Baseman Joe
Crede, the Twins have filled all of their holes at fielding
positions. Their only real problem is once again filling the
role of injured ace reliever, Pat Neshek. In 2007, the Twins
had a solid relief core, one of the best in the majors. But
last year, they lost Pat Neshek for the whole season, and
things started to get out of hand. They weren’t the same
pitching team, they were the season before. That seams to be
the only problem facing the start of Spring Training this
year. But we have received word that Boof Bonser will likely
be out the whole season as well. He didn’t preform as well as
everyone had expected last season, but he is still an asset
to the team. With Joe Mauer’s new and improved knee, and
Francisco Liriano looking like his old self … The Twins
look like they are ready to contend as the 2009 Spring
Training kicks off.


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